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If you are like most New Zealanders today, you are likely overwhelmed by the variety of different insurances on the market. Like most New Zealanders you would ultimately resort to judging insurances by what they cost because it is the easiest aspect to understand. But how do you know that what you get for the least amount of money is actually what you need?


The most expensive insurance portfolio is the one that fails to pay out due to exclusions, missing cover or because it was never sufficient to begin with. When buying insurance, it is vital to seek expert advice to ensure your circumstances and needs are accounted for and any immediate savings do not come at the cost of future cover.

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InsuranceLink advisers have years of experience assessing the needs and circumstances of people like yourself. We select the right types of insurance and recommend the best providers available. We have been with New Zealanders not only at the time of placing their insurance, but most importantly at claims time when our support and experience really pay off.      


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The Big Picture Approach

The right insurance cover doesn't have one name, it has many. Most people will have a basic idea of what life insurance is or what home and contents insurance covers. However, when you look at the statistics of what common causes are that lead to a family not being able to support their standard of living it is very often a number of other factors. Is your biggest asset really your house or is it your ability to earn an income? Does your house insurance pay out in the event of an earth quake and does it cover demolition or paying for temporary accommodation? How much does your family need to get by in the event of trauma, disability or death?

The value of an experienced insurance adviser is in their ability to take a holistic approach and suggest cover that protects your family and your property not against one, but a multitude of possible scenario.

Insurance Link advisers follow a proven step by step process that ensures your insurance covers your needs at a cost you can afford with a provider you can trust.